Acrylic paint looks very similar to PVA latex paint

I t is also soluble in water, but its formulation
is made with acrylic and methyl methacrylic resins, which provides a product with high
impermeability and durability.
This type of paint has excellent color retention, good resistance to chemical agents, can be
used on cement and mortar surfaces, is impermeable to water, and especially resistant to the
effects of weather, being effective for external paintings and in wet areas of the house, like in
the kitchen and toilet.
The application must be done between two and three coats. It comes in matte, semi-gloss and
satin versions, pay attention when buying to ensure the type of final finish you want.
The matte finish has no shine and helps to disguise defects and irregularities in the walls and
ceilings, thus providing a uniform appearance over large areas, but it can accumulate more
dirt, stains and has a greater tendency to the proliferation of algae and fungi, depending on
the environmental conditions , moreover it tends to be glossy more easily than the brightest
paints. Infinity Pro best home paiting