Cooling System – Water Mantle

In the water mantle cooling system, the heat generated in the internal part of the machine outside the casing is made by conduction and removed from the machine through the water mantle that circulates around the casing.  The water mantle has a certain thickness and is designed to circulate inside the wall of the machine housing.

To ensure a good reduction it is necessary to impose a minimum flow of water circulating around the casing. The machine with this cooling system has a degree of closed protection, and can be applied in harsh environments. The water jacket cooling system according to the IEC standard is called the 71W IC. To improve the cooling efficiency of the machine, a fan can be installed inside the machine, which forces air circulation from the front to the rear, or vice versa. This air circulation equalizes the internal temperature by improving heat transfer. In the water mantle cooling system the heat transfer from the inside to the outside is a feat generated by the conduction and withdrawal of the machine by the water mantle.